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Henry, Procter and Choate Fellowships



The Choate Fellowship is only open to British citizens and preference is given to Cambridge University students. Under the terms of the Trust, the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge can only recommend a candidate from another university if there is no suitable candidate from Cambridge. Due to the number of Cambridge candidates each year, this eventuality is unlikely. 

Cambridge Candidates must:

  • Be British Citizens;
  • Have a Cambridge BA where not more than one year has passed from the time of taking the undergraduate degree


  • Be a Cambridge undergraduate where not more than four years have passed since matriculation.

Preference is also given to those who wish to study one of the fields covered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.  


Other criteria

Candidates for the Choate Fellowship should normally hold, or be likely to achieve a First class degree and should be able to demonstrate outstanding and sustained academic achievement. However, personal and social qualities are also taken into account.