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Henry, Procter and Choate Fellowships



Henry Fellowships to Harvard and Yale Universities

Lady Julia Lewisohn Henry was part of a wealthy and philanthropic New York Jewish family. In 1892 she married the Australian-born, British politician and philanthropist Sir Charles Henry. Lady Julia was an active campaigner for child welfare and worked tirelessly towards the First World War's relief effort. In 1916, in memory of her only son Cyril Henry, a soldier who died in Loos in 1915, Lady Julia founded a day and night nursery for the children of female munitions workers during the war. 

Following Lady Julia’s death in 1927, the Charles and Julia Henry Fund (the “Henry Fund”) was set up. It is governed by her will, dated 7 February 1927 and was established “in the earnest hope and desire of cementing bonds of friendship” between Britain and the United States of America. 

The Henry Fund provides Fellowships for students of British and Irish Universities (see Eligibility for more information) to attend Harvard or Yale Universities for a year as a Special or Visiting Student and for students of Harvard and Yale (see Eligibility for US students, on the Eligibility page) to attend Oxford or Cambridge Universities for one year.

Under Lady Julia's Will, the Fund is administered by 12 Trustees, three appointed by each of these universities: Harvard University, Yale University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge.