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Henry, Procter and Choate Fellowships



The Trustees of the Henry Fund nominate candidates for the Henry Fellowship. The will of Lady Julia Henry provides that the Fund is administered by 12 Trustees, three appointed by each of the following universities: University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harvard University and Yale University. They also recommend candidates for the Procter and Choate Fellowships.  

The Procter Fellowship enables Fellows to attend the Graduate School of Princeton University as a visiting student. The nominations are formally made by the English Trustees of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The Choate Fellowship provides Cambridge University students with the opportunity to attend Harvard University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as a Special Student.

The Harvard and Yale Trustees are normally appointed ex officio and they are: the President, the Dean of the undergraduate College or School and the Secretary of each respective university. The six Trustees appointed by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge (referred to as the “English Trustees”) are appointed as individuals for whatever period, if any, that the appointing university decides. They are normally heads of Colleges or senior professors or officers, appointed after consultation with the other English Trustees, so that an appropriate balance of disciplines can be assured for the selection of Fellows. The Trustees delegate the general management of the Fund to the English Trustees. The Chairman is one of the English Trustees and the Secretary is normally an officer of the universities of Oxford or Cambridge, as approved by the English Trustees. 

The selection and appointment of Henry Fellows is delegated as follows:

  1. Fellows to Harvard and Yale – to the English Trustees;
  2. Fellows from Harvard to Oxford or Cambridge – to the Harvard Trustees;
  3. Fellows from Yale to Oxford or Cambridge – to the Yale Trustees.

All appointments are reported to the English Trustees.  

The Henry Fund is registered with the Charity Commission (registered charity number 1155582 – Charles and Julia Henry Fund) and because the Fund is a UK charity, the 12 Trustees delegate financial and investment management to the six English Trustees. The English Trustees appoint investment managers, and/or investment advisers - if necessary investment custodians - and appoint Auditors annually. 


List of Trustees


Lord Smith of Finsbury, Master of Pembroke College (Chair) 
Lord Simon Woolley, Principal of Homerton College
Dr Elisabeth Kendall, Mistress of Girton College 


Ms Dinah Rose KC, President of Magdalen College
Mr Tom Fletcher CMG, Principal of Hertford College
Ms Helen Mountfield KC, Principal of Mansfield College


Dr Alan Garber, Interim President of Harvard University
Mr Marc Goodheart, Vice President/Secretary of Harvard  University               
Professor Rakesh Khurana, Dean of Harvard College


Professor Peter Salovey, President of Yale University
Ms Kimberly Goff-Crews, Vice President/Secretary for Student Life of Yale University
Professor Pericles Lewis, Dean of Yale College


Secretariat to the Funds

Ms Bahar Abdi, Secretary


Contact details

For all enquiries, please contact Miss Alexandra Brace, c/o University of Cambridge, Student Funding and Fee Policy Team, New Museums Site, Cambridge CB2 3PT. Email: