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Henry, Procter and Choate Fellowships



  • I am currently doing a PhD. Can I apply to the Henry Fund?

The Henry and Choate Funds are not aimed at those who are currently doctoral students. The Procter Fund would be a more suitable option for those taking a liberal arts PhD.

  • Could I go to the US for less than one year?

No.  The funding provides the successful recipient with full funding for one year of study at their chosen Institution.

  • What makes a strong application?

A strong application shows that you have researched the criteria and desired characteristics of applicants. 
  • Can I apply to both Harvard and Yale for the Henry Fellowship?

Yes, you can select both options.
  • Can I apply for the Henry Fellowship at Harvard and Yale and Choate Fellowship?

If you are a student/graduate of Cambridge University, then yes you may apply for all three options. If you are not a Cambridge University student/graduate, you may only apply for the Henry Fund at Yale and/or Harvard.
  • Can I prepare for the application form in advance of its release?

The application contains a personal statement.  Your statement should include:

  • Details of your career aspirations

  • Your Proposed scheme of study/research at your chosen Universities

  • Your other Personal, Professional and Academic achievements.

You will also be asked about your academic qualifications and professional experience

  • How many references do I need and who should I ask?

You will need to ask for two references. At least one of the referees should be familiar with your University work.
  • How long is the interview?

The interview lasts for 15 minutes approximately and will be with a selection of the panel of British Trustees.
  • What can I do to prepare for the interview?

The panel will ask a broad range of questions. A strong focus will be on your plans for the year away - what you will do to be a strong ambassador for the Fund and your plans following your year in the US. The interview does not require you to make a presentation or take a test.

  • When will I know the outcome?

The Trustees will make a decision quickly and all applicants will be informed within one week of the interview's date.