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Henry, Procter and Choate Fellowships


Max Murphy - Henry Fellow at Harvard

Max graduated from Cambridge in June 2022 with a Double First Class in Politics and International Relations. At Harvard, Max plans to look at how Artificial Intelligence can be used to help tackle political problems. He is particularly interested in using AI to predict war - and then using this technology to promote peace.

Max has worked for several AI companies, including PrimerAI and Factmata. During his time at these companies, he created a product that tracks topics on Twitter so that companies can identify hidden risks, and also helped build technology that detects online hate speech. Additionally, Max has written briefs for a European Foreign Minister and other senior policymakers on AI ethics. 

During his time at Cambridge, Max hosted the Technology and Enterprise podcast and led Pembroke Politics, where he interviewed the Chief Digital Officer of Microsoft, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, and the Head of the Foreign Office. He also was the captain of Pembroke and Girton Rugby Club where he spearheaded a fundraising initiative to tackle racism in sport. 

Oliver Rhodes - Henry Fellow at Harvard

Oliver graduated Double First Class with Distinction in History in 2020. He returned to study an MPhil in Modern British History in 2021.

While at university Oliver was deputy editor of Varsity, the student newspaper, and hosted a political debate show on CamFM. He was also involved in performing arts, serving as co-convenor of 2019’s A Festival of New Writing and as President of Downing Dramatic Society.

In between he spent a year as a reporter for Reaction, a London-based news and commentary website, and as an editor for Engelsberg Ideas, where he commissioned essays from leading academics including Helen Thompson. His journalism has also appeared in The Telegraph and The Dispatch.

Oliver has affiliated with the School of Government and intends to use his time at Harvard to develop his interests in journalism, policy and politics.

Sarah Quinn - Henry Fellow at Yale

Sarah graduated from the London School of Economics in June 2021 with First Class Honours in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. She hopes to pursue a career as a barrister specialising in public law and international human rights law.

Sarah was awarded the William Charnley Scholarship by Gray’s Inn in order to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law, in which she achieved a Distinction. She has experience in representing families of children who have been excluded from school as a volunteer advocate, and represented her university in the international Philip C. Jessup moot court competition. She previously interned at the UK Cabinet Office.

Whilst at Yale, Sarah plans to take courses reflecting her interests in policy and law, with a focus on social and environmental justice.

Sarah encourages potential applicants from low-income, minority or non-Oxbridge backgrounds to reach out to her via LinkedIn.

Luke Ilott - Procter Fellow at Princeton (2020)

Luke is a PhD candidate in History at Cambridge, having previously taken his BA and MPhil there. His PhD thesis is a study of the political thought of Michel Foucault, the French 'philosopher of power' who flourished in the 1970s and 1980s. Luke's research draws on thousands of pages of new archival material, as well as feminist newspapers, Maoist pamphlets and philosophical texts, in order to rethink Foucault as a theorist of alliances and coalitions among the social movements of the 1970s. 

Between undergraduate and graduate study, Luke worked in political communications and campaigns for two years. Outside work, he is looking forward to trying out hiking, climbing and New York bagels while a Procter fellow at Princeton.

[Luke was awarded the Procter Fellowship in 2020, but pandemic-related delays have resulted in the postponement of his fellowship.]

Jonathon Turnbull - Procter Fellow (2020)

Jonathon Turnbull is a cultural and environmental geographer interested in the return of nature to the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine, digital ecologies, and more-than-human geographical thought.

Between 2019 and 2022, Jonathon was a visiting researcher at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy based in Kyiv, where he learned to speak Ukrainian. In 2021, he co-founded the Digital Ecologies research group, a network of early career researchers conducting research into the digitisation and digital mediation of more-than-human worlds. In 2022, he undertook a writing residency with Ukraine Lab, a group of young British and Ukrainian writers, where he wrote on the topic of 'environment'.

His research has been published in Progress in Human Geography, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Dialogues in Human Geography, and other outlets. His future research will explore raptor recovery across geographical contexts, and he is keen to contribute to the development of the Ukrainian environmental humanities.

[Jonathon was awarded the Procter Fellowship in 2020, but pandemic-related delays have resulted in the postponement of his fellowship.]

Lukas Freund - Procter Fellow at Princeton (2021)

Lukas is a PhD candidate in Economics at Cambridge, having completed his undergraduate and master degrees at the University of Oxford. His research explores the determinants of unemployment and economic inequality, integrating mathematical theory with vast social security and tax datasets.

He will use his time as a Procter Fellow to work on a new account of the distribution of earnings that shows how human capital interdependencies at the workplace give rise to inequality; high-earners are increasingly concentrated in one set of firms, segregated from the rest of the population.

Alongside his studies, Lukas seeks to foster communication between science and policy. He has visited and collaborated with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as well as the Bank of England and Deutsche Bundesbank. His research and other writings have been published in top academic journals as well as public-facing outlets.

[Lukas was awarded the Procter Fellowship in 2021, but pandemic-related delays have resulted in the postponement of his fellowship.]

Jana Hunter - Procter Fellow at Princeton (2022)

Jana is a PhD candidate in History at Oxford, having previously completed her BA at Durham and MPhil at Cambridge. She is a cultural historian of Central and Eastern Europe and her PhD thesis explores the relationship between experiences of travel and perceptions of time in Bohemia during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The aim of her research is to reveal the political, social, and cultural networks that emerged through travel, which situate Bohemia as an interface between the regions of Habsburg Central Europe, but also between Europe and the globe.    

During her PhD, Jana has spent time in Prague and Vienna for archival research and she will use her time as a Procter Fellow to continue her archival work, while also working with the Slavic Digital Humanities Working Group to use GIS technologies in her literary-historical research to allow for a better understanding of the text-place-space nexus. She is also working closely with other historians in the United States to look more closely at early twentieth century environmentalism in Czechoslovakia. 

In 2021, Jana co-founded the Czechoslovak Studies Group at Oxford, and she hopes to foster connections with similar organisations in the United States to spark exciting conversations. In 2022, she organised an Oxfordshire-wide Ukraine drive and she is planning to continue this campaigning at Princeton.  

Amika George - Choate Fellow at Harvard

Amika graduated from the University of Cambridge in June 2021 with a First in History.
At the age of 17, she created Free Periods – a global online movement and not-for-profit organisation that successfully persuaded the UK government to provide free menstrual products in all English schools and colleges in 2019.
She has received global recognition for her campaigning, listed by TIME magazine as one of the 25 most influential teenagers in the world and being the youngest recipient of an MBE in the Queen’s Honours List in 2021.
Since graduating, Amika worked at the United Nations in New York, in the department of the Deputy-Secretary-General.
At Harvard, she will focus on human rights, political theory, and gender studies, to gain an academic understanding of global inequalities and strategies to address them.

Eebbaa Elfneh - Choate Fellow at Harvard

Eebbaa graduated from Cambridge in June 2021 with a First Class with Distinction in Geography having switched from the History and Modern Languages Tripos after Part I. 

Whilst at Cambridge he was heavily involved in environmental activism as a member of the Cambridge Zero Carbon Society and the Christ’s Climate Justice Campaign and successfully lobbied for Christ’s College and the University of Cambridge to divest from fossil fuels. 

Since graduating, he has worked as a language assistant at a bilingual school in Sevilla, Spain and returned to his state comprehensive school in East London to deliver a series of workshops to help students develop their oracy and communication skills. At Harvard, he will continue to pursue his interests in education, politics, and the humanities.


Shoshana Boardman - Henry Fellow at Oxford

Salma Shaheen - Henry Fellow at Oxford