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Henry, Procter and Choate Fellowships


A fully-funded year at Princeton University

The Procter Fellowship provides funding for students to attend Princeton University as a Visiting Student. The main criteria for the Fellowships:

Candidates must:

  • Be British citizens;
  • Have completed their undergraduate degree in distinctively liberal studies at any British University and achieved a 1st class honours degree.
  • Have completed at least three terms (one academic year) of their current postgraduate course at either Oxford or Cambridge University.
  • Be studying for a postgraduate degree in a branch of subjects from the Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Please note that preference is given to candidates in their second or third year of Doctoral study, who have not submitted their dissertation. This enables Fellows to optimise the benefits of their Fellowship. 


Other criteria

Candidates must be able to provide evidence of a very high and sustained standard of academic achievement. The Trustees also attach importance to other attainments and personal qualities relevant to the Founder’s intentions and so candidates should be able to show their wider involvement within the social, cultural and community life of their university. They should also be able to provide examples of their leadership skills.

Candidates should state their reasons for wishing to study in the United States, their plans for the future and also demonstrate how they believe they can make a positive contribution to their community.

In essence, the Trustees will consider not only the Fellow’s mental ability but also their potential for full involvement in the intellectual, social and communal life of the host American university and how they intend to make their mark on public life.  


Photo: Adam Fagen, CC