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Henry, Procter and Choate Fellowships



"My year on the Henry Fellowship at Yale was wonderful and shaped my academic trajectory. The freedom to take courses in the law school and a range of departments in the graduate school allowed me to explore a wide range of approaches to the historical questions that were at the heart of my project. As a result, I did an MPhil in philosophy and a PhD that combines approaches from history, philosophy and law. 

During my year at Yale I met lifelong friends and colleagues from around the world. I had the privilege of exploring a new country with new friends. Nearly 10 years later, I am still so grateful for my experience as a Henry Fellow at Yale."

Miri Fenton, Henry Fellow 2011-2012




"Before I went to Harvard, I thought I wanted to work in migration – probably from a policy perspective. But when I was there, I discovered that I loved writing poems – something I had never done before, and never would have thought to do, would never have imagined I would ever want to do. Before then, I knew what issues were important to me: social justice, human rights, race, religion, culture. But when you are writing, suddenly everything becomes important – the life cycle of birch trees, how graphite becomes diamond, the particular way light reflects off the waves.

The beauty of this fellowship is it gifts you time and space to really explore, to change direction, to learn more about yourself, to grow. Without the fellowship, I assume I would by now be working in a think tank; instead, I have just published my first book."

Maia Elsner, Henry Fellow 2017-2018


"The year I spent as the Henry Fellow at Harvard was one of the most fulfilling, enriching and extraordinary years of my life: it exceeded my expectations in every respect. I couldn’t have had an intellectual experience quite like it anywhere else in the world. My days were filled with classes with renowned, erudite and dedicated professors teaching me with an ambition and spirit I had never come across before in a wide range of subjects, from law to poetry, and public policy to linguistics. 

The Henry Fellowship is one of those rare experiences that expands your sense of the world and the possibilities you see in it. Best of all were the early mornings wandering to lectures through the changing seasons, the fierce debates over lunch at Dudley House, developing a taste for American sports, getting to know the local community through volunteering, travelling around New England and meeting remarkable people. Five years later, I’m in London working as a barrister – a career that my year as a Henry Fellow set me on the path towards and continues to inform on almost a daily basis."  

William Bordell, Henry Fellow 2015-2016


I am very grateful to the Henry Fellowship for giving me an opportunity which I will remember as one of the best years of my life and which changed my outlook in many different ways. The flexibility of the programme allowed me to embrace learning and knowledge acquisition as a primary goal. The endless opportunities of Harvard life led to friendships and experiences which I value greatly and which have changed me for the better. Meanwhile, the experience of living in the US opened my eyes to new perspectives and may quite possibly have shifted my professional and personal trajectory for the next few years. For all this and more, I am more grateful than I can coherently express. 

George Rosenfeld, Henry Fellow 2021-22